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Matthieu Pujol
Ontological Designer convinced that « We are the ones we have been waiting for » (Alice Walker’s words). “Viable Community is a way for all of us to protect, regenerate and connect with Nature using ownership and education to promote stewardship”.
Vincent Adrichem
Multi disciplinary organizing enthusiast with a background in hospitality, construction and mobility management
Jose Gustavo Henker Lima
A highly motivated and resourceful economist with a master’s degree in renewable energy technologies and a genuine love for working with people and for nature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to support Viable Community?

Unsustainable economic growth has had devastating consequences for ecosystems that are under threat from climate change, species extinction and water insecurity. And now it's time for a rethink of our relationship with nature. we’re in transition: peace with the past power in the present faith in the future

Where can I find more in-depth information about the structure of the Viable Community?

Via this link you will find in-depth information about our Community standards. learn more...

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