Nature Reserves in Local Extremadura

The founder travels to the area in the Extremadura. The purpose of these trips is to find a suitable location for a project that combines a solar panel park with agriculture to regenerate the soil and involve and stimulate the local population. The first contact has been made with local parties and we are investigating how we can work together. Viable Community has access to an office in Barcelona where they can host representatives and network. The first investing party also has a representative in that same office. It has technical tools that, in part, can determine the value of an intended location. The best location and the best combination will be investigated to be able to generate CO2 certificates according to the REDD+ criteria in combination with extra added value: vitalizing the soil climate. An initial project plan is drawn up on the basis of the research results and a start is made with the budget. During the realization, we (or a party engaged by us) check whether all parties adhere to the agreements. After delivery, it is checked at fixed times (at least every quarter) whether the results correspond to the forecast from the project plan.

A solar panel park is being realized here in combination with soil regeneration, by means of the application of vegetation, which will prevent desertification. The local community is involved in this project as much as possible. They can benefit from an increased standard of living and higher employment. With this project, CO2 certificates are registered by the investors. This project will be seen as a “proof of work” and will be copied to other locations for the rest of 2022.

In the first year we want to collect at least the value of 100,000 euros in “resources”. These resources will be converted as soon as possible into nature conservation/restoration and the further development of the Viable community.

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    Septemer, 2022
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    Solar park, regenerate soil
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