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We're very grateful for today's technology. Robotics and Artificial Intelligence gives us the tools we need to clean the underwater environment safely from dumped munitions. There are hundreds of millions of tons of dumped munitions in underwater dumpsites around the world leaking deadly chemicals. Scientists estimate the amount of kgs of dumped munitions to be around the same amount of kgs of human beings living on this planet today "6 million tons (6 billion kgs) of TNT are in de dutch waters alone" (see map). Not far from the dutch coast is a fairly easily accessible dump site and this is one of the closest to the munitions disposal plant in Germany too.

Viable Community will be coordinating all removal activities in cooperation with authorities and private parties specialized in particular parts of the technology needed. We love the "waddenzee" with its Islands and fantastic natural inhabitants.

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    Septemer, 2022
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    Clean the water
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